Stratificazioni dell’era digitale

Stratificazioni dell’era digitale
nòva – Il Sole 24 Ore, domenica 13 maggio 2018

Una mia riflessione sulla mostra LAYERS – Contemporary Art in the Digital Era a Bruxelles curata da Fabio Paris.

Mario Savini - Stratificazioni dell'era digitale - Il Sole 24 Ore 13.05.18

Annunci secondo Ted Davis

Ecco come interpreta il nome “” TEXT2IMAGE di Ted Davis!


mario-savini- TEXT2IMAGE

mario-savini- TEXT2IMAGE

TEXT2IMAGE (2009) is an online tool by Ted Davis that does exactly what the name describes, but in a different way than one might expect. Rather than creating a typographic based image of the text submitted, TEXT2IMAGE renders an abstract image that is the translation of the given input. The results remain consistent for any particular entry, however will vary greatly through textual change. Within the realms of data visualization + digital/glitch aesthetics, TEXT2IMAGE explores an alternative way to create images and analyze texts.

#mapyourselfie. Il 16 aprile al MAXXI di Roma

Mario Savini

Vi aspetto sabato 16 aprile al MAXXI di Roma. Presenterò il progetto #mapyourselfie dell’evento “6PM Your Local Time” nell’ambito del Media Art Festival (13 – 17 aprile 2016). Ecco il programma.

Hope to see you on April 16th at the MAXXI in Rome where I will present #mapyourselfie project of “6PM Your Local Time” at the Media Art Festival (13 to 17 April 2016). Here’s the program.

Mario Savini

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DeMonstrable at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. Until December 5 2015

This controversial, and extremely thought provoking exhibition, examines the purpose, ethics and aesthetics behind biological modification. It’s a completely one-off collection of works from around the world, and if you miss out this week you’ve missed it for good.
DeMonstrable is presented by SymbioticA and curated by Oron Catts. Check it out for yourself at the gallery, Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm.

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery (The University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Hwy, Western Australia)