Abstract – Transgenic Art. Life is the medium


Transgenic Art. Life is the medium

An increasingly noticeable trend is the gradual shift within the scope of contemporary aesthetic research from experimenting new languages to experimenting relationships and relational dimensions. Drawing from this research line, the aim of this paper is to explore the key developments in the field of art resulting from the use of genetic engineering. A critical reading from a historical perspective will retrace the various stages of this radical “cultural redefinition” from its beginnings until today.
Comparing the world cultures moving towards a progressive homologation and examining the extent of their involvement in this type of projects will form the basis for an evaluation of transgenic art. The works of important artists will be taken as an illustration of the growing parallels between art and non-art. This rapidly expanding research context will provide the backdrop against which the work of art is projected beyond its representation and immersed into life experiences, thus creating unexpected new perspectives. Is it befitting that we start considering “artists” as the embodiment of wide-scope researchers who depart from their origins to outline new research areas?

Mario Savini


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